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all girls media., llc

Welcome to all girls media.. We are based in northern NM and yearn to tell stories or create content via images, video or film.

Contact us to create visual content (stills or video) whether it's for social media, film, or TV. 


We do a vast amount of storytelling via stills and videos for local non-profits and small businesses with limited budgets and offer reasonable rates for all. 

Our strengths are commercials (broadcast quality), interviews, documentaries, behind the scenes, social media content, product stills, food photography, EPK.


We provide our own equipment with all girl crews. We have also added capabilities to edit 4K. We offer quick turn around.

We are available to jump on crews needing set photography or location sound (with our own equipment).

And we can create social media graphics like the ones to the right that can morph into flyers for an event. Or if you need a quick 1-2 min video for social media we are here to help.

Contact us at or 610-299-6726 (text gets a quicker response).

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all girls media videos

all girls media videos

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Recent Clients (with our role noted)

We have pro level video equipment, can shoot/edit in 4K, have a slider, dolly and jib to make shots more interesting.

Subaru of Santa Fe

Sara & Joe - A lot to Love

- producer

STEM, Santa Fe

- producer, video, sound, editing

Lisanne Cole, artist

- producer, video, sound, editing

- -


Cornerstones mini doc - producer, video, sound, editing

crankey village.webp

Crankey Village

Fundraising Teaser

-video and audio

NM Women In Film PSA

- producer, sound

HGTV Competition Submission Video - producer, video, sound, editing

Overturned Bucket

- interviews, stills, bts video

Still Photography (film sets, non-profits, social media and more).

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Location Sound (film, video, interviews, voice over and more)

We have pro level sound recording equipment (sound devices mixer/lectrosonic transmitters/sennheiser mics.)


all girls media. , llc

Barb Odell

Based near Santa Fe NM


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