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Design Work

This is design work I’ve done, either for web or print, over the past several years. Some for clients, some probono. I mostly use Adobe Express for web design and Adobe InDesign for print. I also create and maintain websites. Created with wix or squarespace.



NM Girls Make Movies

I supported this program with Jocelyn Jansons, its founder, for a few years. Jocelyn would do seminars and screenwriting compeititions each year. I would do the promo. I shot the image used.


Deep Springs Health

I built the website for this company and redeisgned their logo.


Solar Array on Cochiti Pueblo

I traveled around the state and photographed the solar projects completed by the Solar Initiative (then part of Cornerstones Community Partnerships) and each was presented as a 3' x 5' poster at the fundraising dinner that fall.

PNG image-CEDBCC15CA8B-1.png


Lisanne Cole

Lisanne is a artist, actor, coach in the UK (a personal friend) and I do her flyers for her classes. I shot the image of Lisanne.

remy tri fold_Page_1.tiff


Remy's Good Day Fund

remy tri fold_Page_2.tiff

The organization was in need of a tri-fold brochure to be utilized when the Executive Director went out on potential grantee visits.



I designed numerous flyers for web use for this organization. I shot all of the images used.


Overturned Bucket

I shot the BTS and promo stills for this indie production and the author/producer choose to use one for their poster and also used it to advertise the book online. For clarification, I didn't design the poster,  just shot the image.

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