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About AGM

Barb Odell is the owner of all girls media, llc (AGM). When started in early 2018 its formation initially was in response to a need in the indie film production world to include self-identified women of NM as crew. It has morphed into a media production house that focuses on telling stories and creating content.

It's core will always be to include women in its crew and certainly in above the line positions. Our business model is to serve non-profits and small businesses with limited budgets so they too can compete in the larger marketing market.


We have partnered with New Mexico Girls Make Movies (NMGMM) when opportunities arise to include girls and young women on production sets. Thru their training via NMGMM they are set ready and spend their time gaining job experience to take to the next level. Barb serves as a producer for NMGMM.


We made an investment in high end equipment (camera, sound, grip) so that the company is ready to go when projects arise. Editing is also done in house, now with 4K editing capabilities.  When AGM needs to fill jobs they have a database ready of women in NM who have the skill set for the project’s particular need. Tho we strive to tell stories by, for, about, and with self-identified women, we don’t limit clients based on gender identity. So reach out. Send an email or a text. Let’s talk about the story you want to tell.

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